One day I overheard my son talking to a friend about the coffee I roast for my friends and family.  
He said it makes everything else taste like c**p.  
Well, bursting with pride, I have decided to share my coffee with my extended family - you.  
So here it is,  My Dad's Coffee.   I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
 ​              P.S.- Please address any complaints to my son.

How do you take your homebrewed coffee?  Brazilian, Kenyan, Sumatran?  Light roast, Dark roast, ItalianRoast?  French press, Filter, Espresso?

The most important thing is though, ' How fresh is that coffee?'

However you choose to drink it, coffee is the monarch of drinks.  (With due respect to tea drinkers) 

There are so many coffee bean choices these days it is hard to know what to choose and most premium,  craft roasted coffee is great.  

One of the biggest untold problems with that coffee though, is freshness.  Does your coffee list the roast date?  It's important to know, as coffee like all food goes bad/stale over time, and for coffee that is about 3 weeks, even the whole beans.  After that it really is better used as art supplies for your kids.  Think bread.  When is the last time you chose stale bread for your sandwich.

While I love choice, I do not like stocking a bunch of different beans and then try to figure out the best roasts for each one.  I will usually only work with one or two different ones at a time  and roast them to my satisfaction.  Then I move on to another find and do the same again.

It makes life so much easier for all of us.  It also helps keep the prices lower.  Really!

So if you want to preview my current craft roasted, single source, premium beans click the Look Now button.

​By the way y our coffee will be shipped to you within hours of coming out of the roaster.  Then when you receive them they will be exactly ready to grind and brew.
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