Craft Roasted 100% Specialty Arabica Coffee 

What do you want from your coffee roaster?

Great tasting coffee?  
Fair prices?
Premium Quality?

I love this coffee.  Lots of flavour and no bitterness.  What a change from what I have been drinking. 
P. Jackson


Where have you been all my life.  
​C. McCarthy

Free Shipping? *

From €9.50 for 250 gm  including delivery.

We package your vacuum packed beans in a slim secure shipping
envelope that will fit through most mail slots as easily as your regular mail delivery.

No more missing your delivery and having to collect it at the post office.

My Dad's Coffee is roasted only when you order so you know you're getting it fresh.
* There is a small shipping fee for orders heading outside of Ireland.
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We've gone Cold Brew.  A marriage made in heaven.

There are so many great things to say about Speciality Coffee. 

One of the most interesting and exciting is that it makes fantastic Cold Brew Coffee.

The resulting coffee is light, smooth, rich in flavours and might we say, glorious in every way.​ 

If you have an interest in this most amazing innovation in coffee, drop us a line.
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